Ricardo Machado. Illustrator, designer. 
Throughout my career in graphic arts, illustration has always been a central and essential point in every work. Mainstream, commercial, independent or artistic. illustration assigns an individuality to projects that rarely other art can achieve. Graphic concepts, realism, cartoon or character design, among many other areas, illustration is a form of communication that has accompanied humanity for millennia. For that reason alone the world must not be wrong! :)

ORM. Original RM.
"orm artworks" is the signature for the illustration works. Each project in this website focuses on detail, impact and effective communication.

Activity areas.
Illustration is my main activity. In branding, packaging or online projects, i design visual experiences and products containing graphic narratives that create strong bonds in those who use and live them: - Commercial illustration -Graphic experimentation -Branding -Identity and Brand Concepts -Illustration for children -Design of signage and information systems -Conceptual art and visualization -Packaging and labels -Storytelling / Creation of editorial concepts -Life style branding -Editorial design -Graphic design.